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Linda Deppa


Professional Organizer and Photo Manager

Linda Deppa is a Certified Professional Organizer® and founding member of Uncluttered, a professional organizing company based in the greater Bellevue and Seattle, Washington area. Linda and her team of professionals use a personal, hands-on approach to help individuals and families bring order and calm to their home environments.

Linda has been passionate about organizing since childhood and has used her organizing skills throughout her life. For more than three decades, she has organized and managed a variety of projects for her clients including entire home organization, downsizing and move management, senior relocation, and estate clear-outs. She brings compassion, warmth, and understanding to each client, with the goal of guiding them to lead organized, productive, and abundant lives.

NAPO Certified Professional Organizer
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2017-2018 | President
2016-2017 | Vice President
2015-2016 | Treasurer
2010-2011 | Vice President
2009-2010 | Membership Director
2007-present | Member


2015-present | Member
2016-present | Certified Photo Organizer

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Susan K.

Professional Organizer

Susan finds immense satisfaction in assisting people in achieving results that initially seemed overwhelming to them. Connecting with new individuals and discovering their life stories is a delightful aspect of her work. Not to mention, getting to know their beloved pets adds an extra layer of joy to the experience!

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Diana F. photo

Diana F.

Professional Organizer

What Diana enjoys most about organizing is guiding clients through their belongings and uncovering the meaning behind them. She then guides them to let go of those things that no longer help them reach their goals in life. The experience of connecting with individuals from various backgrounds is truly rewarding.

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Maria M.

Professional Organizer

Maria is known for her exceptional ability to blend compassion and tranquility in her organizing services. Maria guides her clients through the decluttering and organizing process, understanding their unique needs and challenges. Maria's gentle guidance and understanding help her clients let go of excess belongings and establish efficient systems that fit their lifestyles.

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Stephanie H. photo

Stephanie H.

Professional Organizer

Stephanie is a dynamic and efficient professional organizer known for her can-do attitude in tackling clutter and disorganization. Armed with determination and a proactive mindset, Stephanie helps clients transform their spaces. With a focus on results and a drive to achieve organizational goals, Stephanie helps clients achieve the organized and streamlined living spaces they desire.

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Paul H.

Team Support

Paul is an invaluable member of our team who excels at efficiently moving and hauling items from our clients' homes. With a keen eye for detail and a strong back, he handles the physical aspects of the job with finesse, carefully transporting items to ease the burden on our clients. Paul's dedication and hardworking nature make him an indispensable asset, always ready to lend a helping hand in simplifying the moving experience for everyone involved.

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Director of Office Morale

Belle's job is simply to greet and bring a smile to each person's face that visits our office. She has been a member of the Uncluttered Team now for over 12 years and takes her job seriously. She has fully mastered the art of bringing calm, giving love, and melting the hearts of anyone who enters.

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After moving into our new house I felt so overwhelmed with the task of finding a place for everything. You came in and made it look so easy. We were able to find practical places for everything and it was easy to keep up after you left.