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We take pride in the positive impact we've had on their lives and thank them for the privilege we had working with them.

I highly recommend Linda! I had an incredible experience learning from her.

We recently had a major remodel in our kitchen, dining room, family room, and laundry room. We loved our new kitchen area but were struggling to see how to make the storage functional. Linda came in and immediately made the space flow! She gave great suggestions of where to store things and how to move around our new space, particularly having zones and having things flow so that we use the space ergonomically. We would have never thought of the things she did. She went above and beyond spending the time to create our new space into our dream space. I really appreciated her enthusiasm, professionalism, and creativity. She also made great recommendations about what storage products to purchase and how to use them.

I have and will continue to recommend Linda to anyone who needs her expert advice.

Valeri R.

Thank you for all you have done for us over the last number of years. I don't know how we would have gotten moved from Shoreline to Seattle without your assistance. Karen you always came with such good energy and left us with so many smiles, as well as everything accomplished that we could hope for.

Betsy Deutsch

Linda, and her Uncluttered team, was an absolute BLESSING with clearing out my FIL's home! It was an enormous task with over 40 years filled with stuff. What would have taken months to do, Linda, with her uncanny ability to plow through an overwhelming task, was able to accomplish in a few days.

Vera W.

After consulting with my clients about selling their home of 15 years, I knew Linda was my first phone call to make! My clients not only needed help with decluttering, they needed help with packing! My clients were collectors of several categories and hundreds of the items needed to be matched with their original packaging. We were on a tight timeline to move them out and prepare their house for the market.

Linda accepted this intense project knowing she was up against a very short timeframe. She and her team spent the next month helping my clients pack up their 4-bedroom, two-story home that was filled to the brim with their collectibles. She coordinated the delivery & hauling of several large dumpsters, renting U-Haul trucks to take items to donation sites, and organizing dozens of "movers" to box up items and move hundreds of boxes to storage units and the client's new living community.

Needless to say, Linda and her team were miracle workers. With their tremendous energy, positive attitudes, and tireless hours of hard work we met our deadlines. It took a village and through Linda's wealth of resources, we had a very successful outcome.

I am extremely grateful for Linda and the services that she provides. I will continue to keep her at the top of my preferred contractor list to share with my clients.

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Karen Dion
Windermere East Inc., Real Estate Broker

You were magical with my Mom. Thank you for helping her prepare for the big and emotional move.

Amy B.

I've worked with Linda on two projects so far....laundry room/pantry and garage. She's my new BFF. Each project took three hours and the results are miraculous. Linda has amazing communication skills, energy, and creativity. I'm delighted every time I look at the projects she completed for me. I highly recommend her services.

Chris O.

Linda completely changed the way I experience cooking in my kitchen. I love to cook, and I have tons of gadgets, tools, dishes, appliances and special ingredients. I also have zero ability to organize. This was actually my second project with Linda. She rescued me from my disaster of an office about eight years ago. She has an amazing ability to figure out your flow, and what sort of organization you will best be able to work with and keep up. Since the reorganization two weeks ago, I have cooked a lot more for fun, and have been able to make dinner on weeknights without wanting to run away from home. The organization she created makes it easy for the other people in the house to also put things away where they go. I know what I have and I know what I need in the pantry. Money and time very well spent, believe me!

Beth W.

Linda, it was great, and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. You inspired us with your presentation and left us with actionable things we can do to control our clutter.

Thank you so much

Gabriela Olmos-Hill - Director, Customer Advocacy - Microsoft

We have a huge photo project with prints, slides, framed pictures, albums and digital media from multiple generations of our family.

Linda has lead this massive project by breaking it into pieces, working with us in person and virtual, and working behind the scenes to get everything organized.

We are not done yet, but have already seen the benefits of organization so that we can quickly share memories with relatives and friends, use pictures as gifts and pass on our heritage to our children as they move forward with their lives.

We are so grateful for Linda's organization, attention to detail and willingness to work at a pace that works for us.

I highly recommend having Linda as a consultant on photo organization, without her help this work would never have been done!

Linda Brown - Seattle, WA

You have been on my mind lately. As I work to declutter and organize my bedroom, I draw on the many lessons that I learned from you. You were a wonder to work with as you pushed through a heap of stuff and guided me along the way. I have no regrets over the things that I chose to get rid of. I just wish that I had been a little tougher. But, I will go through the basement another time and get rid of another layer of belongings. Happily. Again, many thanks for the work that you did and the lessons you imparted.

M.E.M. - Seattle, WA

With three young children and working full time my house is full of clutter. After searching online I decided to have a consultation with Linda. Before the appointment I was unsure what to expect but was very surprised how much it motivated me! Linda had so many ideas I had not thought of and gave me tips to reach my goal! It has been about a week since my consultation and I've already gotten through multiple areas of my home. Thank you Linda!!

Katie-Jo - Monroe, WA

If I could give Linda 10, I would! Our first meeting, she got a feel for our space and our goals. She's very easy to talk to, not-judgmental, and gave us some great jumping off ideas to kick start the process of purging, organizing, and optimizing! We scheduled a full day intensive session and it was AMAZING. With two kids, our house is absolute chaos, but Linda came and we focused on the 2 biggest rooms of the house... She helped move our furniture around to work better, we purged several huge blue IKEA bags of stuff, and there are practical storage solutions that we can easily maintain! Inspired to carry the momentum forward, but planning to book her again soon to tackle some other rooms! I can't believe we didn't schedule this sooner!

D.S - Seattle, WA

Unsurpassed! The word that describes the value of service and expertise of this company.

Downsizing from a larger home to a small condo seemed impossible without getting rid of things that really mattered to me. Finding functional space for the necessities was overwhelming. In one hour, Linda outlined all of the steps needed to rearrange and organize every room. Then, her turnkey service implemented the plan. Everything has a place and everything is in its place. Uncluttered! And, oh so beautiful!

Valarie M - Issaquah, WA

Linda, and her Uncluttered team, was an absolute BLESSING with clearing out my FIL's home! It was an enormous task with over 40 years filled with stuff. What would have taken months to do, Linda, with her uncanny ability to plow through an overwhelming task, was able to accomplish in a few days. She was able to donate many,many items to various charities saving money on the dump fee, as well as the environment! Her team did this with integrity and detail finding large sums of cash and important paperwork. Linda went above and beyond, and is worth every penny. It was a truly a pleasure working with her. Do not wait to hire Uncluttered, you will be glad you did!

Wil and Vera W. - Renton, WA

Mom is 95 and I lived on the other side of the country. How was I going to move her from Seattle to Virginia? Enter Uncluttered and Linda. Wow, what a take-charge presence she was! She was at Mom's place right after phase 2 of the pandemic opened things up and helped Mom identify what to keep, what to sell, what to send to thrift stores, and what to discard. She identified the auction house for the sale and the real estate agent to market the place. She bought a suitcase and helped Mom pack. I can't recommend Uncluttered enough. Linda's a pro, and you'll recognize the moment you talk with her.

Dan R. - Orange, VA

About a year ago it became apparent that my father, in his 80s, needed to transition into assisted living. He had to say goodbye to living in the only home he and my mother (who has passed), owned. Purchased in the early 1970s. Also the only physical location I knew as "home" growing up.

Fast forward to present, a year later. The house still has not gone on the market due to life happening. With the birth of our first child, I found myself overwhelmed as I walked through my parents house. It was aging, and cluttered with 40+ years of memories and, well, clutter.

Why all the backstory? Because anyone can come into a strangers home and throw things out, or donate them. But Linda came recommended for a reason. She walked into our home with a felt sense of honoring the memories that existed there. Everything she touched and inquired about was intentional, with purpose and respect. She engaged the memories with us and lent a firmly gentle hand on some items that were best to let go of, knowing it was hard to do so.

The topper for me was how she engaged my father who wrestles with memory loss. She never responded to him with anything other that complete respect. As I drove dad from the house his response was: "She really is an outstanding woman, so professional, organized, and nice."

John S - Redmond, WA

Linda brought real-world experience and actionable advice in a fun and engaging format! Too often organization advice is too broad to be useful or so narrow that it misses me entirely. But Linda helped me start today and plan for the future – and my inbox is better for it!

Nick R - Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants - Bellevue, WA

Fabulous presenter - lots of good examples to back up her points.

Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants - Bellevue, WA

We hired Linda to help reorganize our Seattle office and prepare our 60+ employees for the huge office remodel we were doing. Linda was one of the reasons why our remodel and move went so smoothly! With the help of Linda, our staff were able to prepare for the remodel by reducing their piles of paper, books, and materials into a more manageable amount. Employees loved working with Linda, noting that she was efficient, organized, and personable!

M.C. - Seattle, WA

Linda helped us clean out our house in preparation for an international move. She not only swept through our home with impressive efficiency, but also worked with our five-year-old twins to downsize their stuff as well! They loved her as much as we did -- and they're even tougher customers. We wholeheartedly recommend Linda to anyone who needs a firm but kind hand to organize a home and a life.

Christine B - Seattle, WA

Linda was a dynamic and informative speaker on how to get organized and banish clutter. Thanks again for sharing your presentation with the Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle!

Sherry Lueders

Linda's ability to visualuze how to transform an existing space into efficient and organized comes from years of experience, knowledge, and creativity. Working with Linda on the project in my home was a delight. Her positive, confident, "can do" approach to tackling my organization project made the work fun and easy. Thanks to you, Linda, my new condo is organized, beautiful and uncluttered!

Valerie Martinez - Issaquah, WA

Linda is an absolute expert in her field, and it's been a pleasure working with her! She has so many clever solutions to typical problems - solutions that can really change your day to day life. Linda is full of energy, personable, and gets it done!

Becky Ducsik

It was such a pleasure to have you speak at H2H Meeting! I learned a lot and felt motivated when I left. I went into my office and did some organizing the very next day!


Shawna Talley


Thank you thank you!! Your class was so helpful and empowering. I feel like I have a chance at organizing for the first time, along with a way to include my husband and 5 1/2 year old. I understand us all better now as a result and how to help our daughters learn organization. We even implemented the "lets pick up for 5 minutes" routine and it worked. Your class was amazing!

I had my husband "organize" the candy and you won't believe it, he did it (almost) exactly the same as me. Exception was one piece of candy, but our thinking was the same. This was so shocking because I would have sworn we were on opposite ends of the spectrum, but knowing this now will help me to communicate with him better to get our goals met. One thing that I changed recently that made a huge difference was I used to put our mail in a horizontal basket, where it would just pile up. Now I put it in a much SMALLER standing container and viola! it gets sorted every day. I don't know what that means other than somehow the visual of the lying down versus the standing up is making a huge difference, and the smaller size helps too.

My friend Linda was going to have her husband "take the test" but unfortunately her son ate some of the candy!! :)

Thanks again, you are truly gifted at what you do, you give permission, empower and show its possible. We will call you for sure if needed. And I will be letting everyone I know about you, and especially folks at my office.

Nancy Nordgren Ferguson

Linda Deppa is one of the most authentic, genuine, and passionate professionals I have met. As a financial firm, we only recommend professional with the highest quality of services, and with Linda and her company, that is exactly what you can expect. 5 stars out of 5 stars!

M.K. - Burien, WA

Linda was a guest speaker at our Lynnwood location (Storables) in May 2017. She presented a wonderful talk about organizing for travel. She included photo organizing as well. Linda is a dynamic speaker with many great tips. I especially appreciate her prep and communication before the event.


Thank YOU!!! That was a really good workshop good turnout and lots of positive feedback from customers and my staff. You are an amazing speaker with high energy, power, and enthusiasm. Customers are really responding well to the workshops this year and you definately command the room and bring an excitement and hope to have you do more workshops with us! Customers approached me after to ask when your next workshop would be..."she was phenomenal" Thanks again!


Linda is the best and has the best folks working with her because of who she is and what she does.

Patricia Wangsness - Coldwell Banker Bain Associates - Bellevue, WA

Linda, thank you so much for the great service and the "Don't worry, we'll take care of it" spirit you and your team showed. The guys showed up on time, they were super-friendly and very conscientious about the walls and floors, and they worked quickly and efficiently to get the job done. Thanks!!

C.L. - Issaquah, WA

Your help when I was transitioning out of Seattle was so incredibly essential. You are very good at what you do and I could not have made the move without you!

Tara Gimmer - Tara Gimmer Photography

Great to see you and great to experience your light and energy again. :-) You have this wonderful energy about you, and I always enjoy talking to you.  You are one of the hardest working people I know. And I mean that! You're a "doer" and what you get done in a day is absolutely mind boggling amazing!!!

L.B. - Seattle, WA

Linda taught my daughter’s life-time skill of organizing “things”. They know and are independently able to identify when to recycle make-up, clothes and paperwork so clutter doesn’t occur – amazing!

Linda was very patient and supportive in helping us retrain our habits, we are so grateful!

A.B - Medina, WA

You are a joy to know and work with. Thank you for your inspiration to "get the job done"!

M.C. - Bellevue, WA

I am so grateful and thankful for you. Pretty much an understatement.  My life before you and my life after you – oh my!

I felt like I was in a dark hole, with no sense of direction.  Now I’m on the path, with a lantern in my hand, and a friend.  I know it takes me some time to come around, and some to “move”, but I really appreciate your advice, guidance and patience! You have wonderful “gifts”, and you share them generously. You have made such a difference in my life! Very thankful.

K.E. - Bellevue, WA

Thank you very much for your consultation!!! It has been very effective! I've gotten the corner cabinet installed, took out the ironing board, been transferring things around, and I categorized a lot of magazines.

Things are definitely looking up, I put you on my Facebook page, telling everyone how wonderful and effective you are. I wanted to let you know again, how much I appreciate your time. Blessings to you and your business.

L.L. - Seattle, WA

Our house and office look great and function well! Thank you!

It was great working with you. You're professional, efficient and kept me on track! We made good use of our time together. I appreciate you and the service you provide.

Thanks Again

C. - Redmond, WA

Thank you so much for your help in getting my under-porch storage area organized. It looks 150% better than it did! I'll let you know when my husband is ready to get help with the garage. You're amazing!

Anita E. - Seattle, WA

I am getting smaller projects finished and I am cleaning routinely again. I am proud to show my house again.

Judy K. - Bothell, WA

I just wanted to give you a rave review on your organizational skills. You taught me SO MUCH about organization and just tricks on how to organize and those skills continue to help me organize my life. Whether it's when I'm moving, at my new office or at home I have a better understanding of what I should keep, give away and throw away. I really just want you to know that that one day that you helped me really changed my view on organization and I really appreciate it.

Katy H. - Seattle, WA

Linda Deppa is an angel. She came into my office and, with tons of support, warmth, and enthusiasm she gave me a bunch of tips to improve the lay-out and the colors, and guided me through the "clutter confusion". As a result, my office is very welcoming and my business income has increased notably! Thank you, Linda!

Margit Crane, ADD/ADHD Family Coach - Seattle, WA

Linda Deppa of Uncluttered, a division of Northwest Interiors Unlimited, provides an invaluable service for her clients and their families. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organization, Linda is able to keep her finger on the pulse of new strategies, systems and products. You will find Linda to be an extremely caring individual who focuses on the needs of the customer. Organizing or purging a lifetime of memories is a sensitive issue so the person helping with this transition should be a professional and if at all possible - not a family member. By hiring a third party professional, who is caring and supportive helps avoid unnecessary frustration and issues during a difficult time.

Mortgage Specialist - Bellevue, WA

Thank you for coming to my office last Thursday. Your organizational suggestions have transformed my work space. Instead of feeling very overwhelmed when trying to do paperwork, I now have a sense of peacefulness in my office. I can find my papers, focusing on doing one thing at a time...instead of having piles of stuff all over the floor, desk, and furniture! Because of your recommendation, I purchased two four-drawer lateral filing cabinets...one for business and the other for personal files. I am amazed at how simple it is to organize things with the right office equipment placed strategically near my desk. Thank you for helping me feel calm about my office!

Kim P. - Everett, WA

I felt the speed in which we worked was respectful of my time and very energizing. You set a great pace!

Blaine T. - Mill Creek, WA

I want to thank you again for your invaluable and caring assistance in moving Mom. My main concern was her physical and mental well-being during the process. Your efforts allowed the stress to be minimal and easily dealt with.

She loves everything that you did and I have lost count of how many times she has said, "It's so pretty." We sat on the veranda Saturday morning before you came, had a snack and listened young people at sports practice. She enjoyed that so much.

You greatly reduced mine and my brother's stress levels, also!

Daughter of Senior Services Client - Seattle, WA

Linda provided a consultation on our office space. At the time, the office was cramped, cluttered, and a place I absolutely avoided whenever possible. Frankly, I felt lousy working there. Linda made a series of recommendations we implemented over time. The result has been an organized, efficient, comfortable space that both Cheri and I can work in productively. We can even do all that at the same time - something impossible pre-Linda! Linda absolutely makes good on her promise to bring her clients shoulders down from their ears.

Bruce McLeod - Mill Creek, WA

Linda helped transform a room in my house from something you'd find in a storage unit into a room that belongs in a home. I was afraid the process with a professional organizer would be difficult and painful, but Linda made it manageable and even fun. Linda brings a host of wonderful qualities to her work: She had plenty of energy to keep working nonstop all afternoon, yet was a calming presence that didn't let me get overwhelmed. She worked with incredible speed to plow through loads of stuff, yet was utterly patient when I needed a break or a snack. Qualities that seem like opposites that shouldn't exist in the same person all roll up into the organizing powerhouse that is Linda! I will be hiring her for other projects, and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

L.D. - Mountlake Terrace, WA

Thank you so much for all of your help organizing my house! After moving into our new house I felt so overwhelmed with the task of finding a place for everything. You came in and made it look so easy. We were able to find practical places for everything and it was easy to keep up after you left. The best part about working with you was that you thought about how I was going to use the room and organized it for my habits. I look forward to hiring you again, you are amazing!

Heather L. - Everett, WA

Sometimes life comes at you too fast and because of that a clutter problem can occur. That is what happened to our daughter. Besides raising three young boys, being an active volunteer at school and church, she began a catering business in her "spare time". Her garage was turned into a pantry and storage area for her many catering supplies.

As a Christmas gift to Heidi, her dad and I gave her a 'Day with Linda'! Not knowing where to even start was the biggest challenge. Linda was able to calmly guide her through the organizational process. She taught her how to put each item into specific categories and logical locations. Unnecessary items were removed and decisions on their disposal were determined. When the job was complete, there was a sigh of relief. What a difference!!

I would highly recommend Linda for any of your organizational needs. She approaches the tasks in front of her with great skill and confidence! She's amazing!

Virginia B. - Snohomish, WA

This letter is to recommend Linda as a capable, competent project manager as evidenced in her exemplary work in this capacity as coordinator for a condominium unit remodel project is January/February 2007. She worked tirelessly to obtain material and labor at the best value.

Linda has a good eye for detail and is thorough in her planning, many times going far beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend her.

Marian S. - Redmond, WA

I am so grateful for all you did this past weekend in my garage. I actually really had a ton of fun and am looking forward to going another round with you out there!

M.C. - Bellevue, WA

I can breathe in my beautiful, organized office - I am no longer stifled by the shame of a messy work space. I can handle paper daily and without piles.

Gerri T. - Redmond, WA

I liked that we went through everything - even the small boxes and I liked the suggestions for everything. I can find things I need again, and I am not buying duplicates anymore

J.K - Bothell, WA

The staff actually speaks your name in reverential tones. They were SO impressed by you, your knowledge and your ability. They feel that their productivity has increased and their stress level decreased since you came, and they feel like they work in an "actual office" for the first time.

They have actually been able to complete client intakes in their own office, in private, with the door closed.

I think your visit was one of the best things that has happened to our office in a long time, or almost ever.

Chelle H. - Bellevue, WA

Well, my husband just saw the room and started to tear up! I guess that means he likes it! He said, "...and she's going to come back and do the rest of the house too?!" Thanks again!

L.R. - Bothell, WA

You have this wonderful energy about you, and I always enjoy talking to you. You are one of the hardest working people I know. And I mean that! You're a "doer" and what you get done in a day is absolutely mind boggling amazing!!!

L.B. - Seattle, WA

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After moving into our new house I felt so overwhelmed with the task of finding a place for everything. You came in and made it look so easy. We were able to find practical places for everything and it was easy to keep up after you left.