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How Office Clutter Happens

Close your eyes and imagine your dream office – from the layout to the storage and systems in place. What sort of layout and furniture would you have?

Visualize what your ideal desk would look like and what items you’d have at arms reach – when you open your eyes, what stands out as your major changes between your current office and ultimate dream space?

Frequently, our clients realize they’ve acclimatized to unnecessary paperwork piles or filing systems that aren’t being utilized – and our effectiveness at work can be directly linked to how we feel in our surroundings.

So how does this office clutter even happen?

It’s easy to put off time-consuming projects that don’t seem to come naturally to us. When projects look complex or involve setting up an organizational system, pressing day-to-day tasks or time with our loved ones can take priority.

Many of us were never given an opportunity to learn and develop systems that actually work for us and our unique personalities and lifestyles – that’s where hiring a professional organizer can be truly instrumental in helping you not only cut through the clutter but empower you to keep it at bay long-term.

How Office Clutter Happens | Unclutterednw.comOne of the most universal types of clutter is paperwork – a mix of important documents, unsorted files, outdated agreements, bills long-since paid, printed references… the list is unending.

It can be a complex problem that requires both personal attention and sometimes, outside expertise. At Uncluttered, we love working with clients to establish tailored filing systems that set them up for success. We also have clients who feel most empowered by delegating these tasks “to the pros” in an ongoing capacity so they can free up their time and resources for what they excel at.

With that in mind, we’re kicking off a mini-series of tips, resources, actionable items, and ideas to help tackle those piles of paperwork, filled-up filing cabinets, and desk-covering documents that so many of us find ourselves surrounded by.

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Ready for Change?

If your home organizing project feels too big for one person, it could be time to talk with a professional organizer. Let’s start the conversation! Send me an email at Linda@unclutterednw.com and we’ll schedule a time to talk about what’s on your mind.

Linda Deppa

Linda Deppa has seen more clutter than you could make in your lifetime - and found a place for all of it.

As a Certified Professional Organizer, Linda has helped hundreds of clients experience the joy that comes from reclaiming their space, and the relief of bringing their shoulders down from their ears when they realize they no longer feel stressed walking into a cluttered home or office.

Linda’s success in working with clients goes beyond her ability to organize their possessions. Her own life experiences, including a life-altering car accident, gives her a deep desire to help each of her client’s live life to the fullest. What starts as an organizing project with Linda often leads to mindset shifts that impact other areas of their lives.

Linda is a member of the National Associate of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and current President, past Vice President, Treasurer and Membership Director of the Seattle-based NAPO chapter.

A skilled presenter and motivational speaker, consider hiring Linda to speak at your next conference or event. Contact Linda via email: linda@unclutterednw.com

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