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A Little About Linda

Some people fall into the career they’re in, and for some people, it was just meant to be! That is most definitely the case for Uncluttered founder and owner, Linda Deppa.

A Little About Linda | Unclutterednw.comFrom an early age, Linda has always enjoyed keeping things organized and having systems set in place. Linda recalls going to friends’ houses for playdates and enjoying organizing their stuffies for them. Not at their request, but just because “it was fun”.

When Linda was 11, with permission from her parents and school, she began helping out at a Veterinary clinic. Linda performed a broad range of tasks including taking the animals out, cleaning and feeding them, but the task she enjoyed the most was cleaning the office upstairs and organizing the clinic. Linda stayed at that veterinary office for 10 years, and during that time she also cleaned and organized employees’ homes as a side hustle.

My motivation is to bring smiles, giggles, and a sense of calm watching my client’s shoulders come down from their ears. It’s all about seeing the peace it brings at the end.

From there, Linda moved on to commercial and residential services honing in on her organizing skills and at one point was holding consignment sales for clients too. It wasn’t long before Linda had gained a following for her organizational skills and that is when “Uncluttered” was born. Linda has stated that she enjoys the “challenge of it all, piecing the puzzle back together to where it’s meant to be.”

A Little About Linda | Unclutterednw.comThere are so many strings to Linda’s bow including estate clearing, office organizing, residential organizing, photograph organizing, to name but a few. When speaking about Uncluttered, Linda says “I’m living my passion, this isn’t just a job for me. It’s fun, it has a deeper purpose and meaning. Every day is different and every person is different. No two stories are the same, and I love helping my clients from start to finish.”

When asked what her motivation is for choosing this career, Linda said “My motivation is to bring smiles, giggles, and a sense of calm watching my client’s shoulders come down from their ears. It’s all about seeing the peace it brings at the end.”

To schedule an appointment with Linda to help you get organized in your home or office, send an email to linda@unclutterednw.com.

Linda Deppa

Linda Deppa has seen more clutter than you could make in your lifetime - and found a place for all of it.

As a Certified Professional Organizer, Linda has helped hundreds of clients experience the joy that comes from reclaiming their space, and the relief of bringing their shoulders down from their ears when they realize they no longer feel stressed walking into a cluttered home or office.

Linda’s success in working with clients goes beyond her ability to organize their possessions. Her own life experiences, including a life-altering car accident, gives her a deep desire to help each of her client’s live life to the fullest. What starts as an organizing project with Linda often leads to mindset shifts that impact other areas of their lives.

Linda is a member of the National Associate of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and current President, past Vice President, Treasurer and Membership Director of the Seattle-based NAPO chapter.

A skilled presenter and motivational speaker, consider hiring Linda to speak at your next conference or event. Contact Linda via email: linda@unclutterednw.com

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